Fisher Residence


CLIENT BRIEF: A Residence design that has interest and intrigue at every turn; simply but interesting; low cost but opulence that exudes a Resort type feel.

DESIGN RESPONSE: Pavilion style free-flowing open plan layout that maximizes space without waste; 'L' shaped to connect inside with outside sun drenched courtyard.

SUMMARY: The residence is a coming together of all things nice, harmonizing perfectly with its exotic landscaping. Vertical and horizontal componentry provide the sense of balance whilst the interaction between inside and out affords the perception of space and intrigue. The free-flowing layout connects the interior as one but possesses the facilities for total discretion, as well.

AN EXTRA-ORDINARY BATHROOM DESIGN: Openness, Discretion and interaction with its exterior are all elements of this bathroom. This is a Bathroom out of the norm that not only provides functionality but also gives rise for varying options as the moods or demands desire. The Bathroom is an integral part of the total ambience and ÔnotÕ merely an out of sight convenience.