Period Style Renovation.

This was an ambitious project from day one. Our client's had bought a 'renovators delight' on a fabulous block with sea views and wanted it comprehensively expanded and transformed into a unique, period home to showcase their lifelong passion for collecting antiques. They wanted their home, 'Kirinaran', transformed into a grand Edwardian museum like home featuring a turret, bay windows and a grand entrance, filled with natural light and an English manor inspired sweeping staircase. The whole house was to be extensively renovated internally and externally to meet the exacting requirements of the client's brief.

This project is quite unique in aesthetic appeal and it was an exceptional design project to undertake. This project required us to design, resolve, detail, document and work with clients productively through long, extended periods. The challenge was to articulate their ultimate dreams into reality, and our clients are delighted with the results. This stately renewed home is the collaboration of many thoughts and ideas into a final product, whilst guiding our clients on a smooth journey through this complicated process. This was a complicated, demanding design project. We had to reunite, aesthetically and functionally, a dark, rambling home that had lived through a lifetime of disparate alterations. Our solution was to save as much existing fabric as we could, while introducing a second storey, drawing in natural light, and uniting the concept through a bold new formal entry with feature staircase and dramatic two-storey, light filled atrium. We also incorporated a 'Juliet' balcony into an upper floor dormer which allowed light to enter the ground floor room whilst providing a visual connection between the two levels. From the painting on the antique vases, to the friezes and recesses, furniture, light fittings, switches, right down to the curtain tassels, every square centimetre of this home was discussed and designed and resolved. In an extraordinarily close working relationship with the client, we worked through a project where every room posed the challenges of a whole home interior design in itself, and needed the care, patience and skill to bring it to life. In this project each of these uniquely individual 15+ rooms works together as a successful whole to achieve function and aesthetic continuity.