Geelong Home

Extension to herritage home

The aim was to create a seamless transition between the existing and proposed works to ensure the retention of existing traditional key features throughout; whilst broadening the functionality and flexibility of the original older style home.

Limited space was the major constraint, produced by a wide but narrow North facing rear yard. Although restrictive, it allowed for outward thinking to ensure that full advantage of the area was taken into consideration throughout the overall concept.

Site advantages were maximised by the fan-like layout, allowing interaction between indoors and the exterior; affording direct connection with the Kitchen. Bay windows and other original features were incorporated. The clients are delighted with the rich warm homely ambience of the house, achieved by the close attention to finishing details.

The iron gated entrance and the two large feature urns give rise to the anticipation to what awaits within. A breath taking, classic, luxurious family home with a delicate feel for tradition that incorporates the flare for a modern french provincial ambience, ensuring it warrants award worthiness.

The elegant grace of the home was retained whilst offering the functionality of modern living. The original characteristics were achieved by integrating similar major features, along with the compartmentalised but connecting layout. Corrugated roofing and weatherboards were used to fuse the two sections. External contrasting colours embellish the theme.