Malvern Home

Rennovation and Addition to a Federation Home.

This extension compliments and showcases the home's original period features and living ambience. It modernise the floor plan by increasing usable open plan living spaces and by adding and integrating outdoor living areas, and to maximise potential for natural lighting. Site Context.

Located in a conservative suburban streetscape, lined with established oak trees and blue stone gutters, with adjacent period homes. Although located on a large block the federation home is Heritage Listed and thus its main fabric had to be retained, requiring works to take place primarily to the rear.

Generous open plan living areas extend into the old backyard, however outdoor living space has not been compromised with two new zones created on either side of the house. The open character of the downstairs additions contrasts with additions upstairs which retain the cozy, private feel typical of period homes.

The additions have allowed this federation home to suit the changing needs of a modern family by increasing shared space and connectivity, as well as including a secluded retreat upstairs. Dramatic interior spaces were created to showcase the client's extensive art collection. Exterior detailing perfectly complements the federation style.

Sound 'heritage' principles in conjunction with Architectural license were employed to achieve the outstanding features incorporated within this project, whilst maintaining credence to 'period' integrity. Fenestration seamlessly marries the old and new sections of the facades and minimizes the visual impact to the streetscape.