Sheppard Units

Sir Henry Bolte Court - Wonthaggi

The interesting overall layout, although compartmentalized with clever use of angled walls, etc., stays connected to assure the feeling of ‘opulence’, contrary to the actual. Larger than normal room sizes catering for entire needs. Connection between indoors and outdoors. Split levelling between and within both units to compliment site gradients. The retention of individual identity but connection with a sweeping roofline that brings harmony and synergy; tying the ‘Two’ into ‘One’.

‘Rural’ comes to life with the use of an eclectic mixture of sympathetic, exterior claddings having warm, muted, earthy colours and further enhanced with the use of local indigenous flora, stone and rock in a maintenance free landscape.

‘Uniqueness’ to the Town abounds in the sharp angles, sweeping roof profiles and the offset between horizontal, sloping and vertical lines.


The combination and use of Sandstone, Cedar, Steel, Coloursteel Corrugated Iron, painted Render and natural stone/rock provided this development with the sought after ‘sense’ of rural activity. Curved roofs, horizontal and vertical claddings; slopes and angles along with geometric elements were employed to highlight each material and to strategically ensure they retained their own identity. The precise location of each material was determined, so as, to oppose but, also, compliment the adjoining. A play of vertical and horizontal lines, assuring the overall is one harmonious, eclectic mix of shape and form. In combination with the maintenance free landscaping, the use of the selected materials ties the overall development well and truly to its desired roots.