Young Residence

This house respects and harmonises with the environment, then reflects nautical themes of the beach, ocean and those who travel upon it. The Young Residence spoils the occupants with stunning views towards its source of inspiration while presenting a stylish and modern living style within.

The Young Residence brief involved taking full advantage of broad views towards the ocean in the south, the master bedroom to be separate yet close to the main living area and to use materials that reflect the beach environment. Externally, flowing waves were to be incorporated into the design to fit into the ocean theme.

Ultimately, an opportunity to view the ocean from a main deck and living area facing the south, whilst creating a sheltered north deck with filtered ocean views through this living area could be realised. Visually the house emanates beach tones and compliments its surrounds, along with flowing curves and portal windows which all play a roll in the seaside theme. The houses footprint was the only part of the site cleared for construction, building the house into an intimate relationship with its environment.

Using timber in the curved roof structure along with insulclad externally, effectively makes the house affordable and of lightweight construction. Corrugated iron is also used externally on sections of the house, representing the rolling landscape in which the house is unifying with.

The integration of the main living areas including decks on the first floor create a laid back feel to this large space, all orientated north-south with little focus east and west. The decks, one a large living deck, the other a curved viewing deck, both aim to extend this central area further north and south. The master bedroom also on this level looking south specialises as an inner sanctum for weary parents whilst children and guests enjoy private quarters down stairs.