Rankin House

This project harmonizes with its bushland environment whilst providing the inhabitants with tranquillity, natural warmth and various options to enjoy the serene ambience of this secluded setting.

A modern contemporary family home, nestled within existing Gum trees to enhance the tranquil site ambience through the use of colour, materials and shapes. Sheltered outdoor Living areas linking the interior with the exterior. A home that is bright, spacious and warm.

The home the clients desired was achieved by foot-printing the layout to work with the treed site. Angled rooms maximize natural light and winter solar access whilst making the most of the bushland setting. The splitting of Outdoor Living areas afford the owners a choice of desired ambience throughout each day and/or season. Warm muted colours and a mixture of exterior finishes harmonize the resultant building with its environs.


While a sense of space was important, the home is also articulated to be appealing to the eye. The striking facde, highlighted by the mixture of Colorbond Corrugated Iron; Shadowclad; Painted Render and Natural Stonework that adorn its exterior in carefully appointed locations, enhances the homes appeal and harmony with the bushland. Each material is an expression of its own shape and form, allowing it to blend with the other finishes in an eclectic combination that creates a visual tapestry amid its natural setting. The angled slatted fence is an important integral part of the overall in that it visually ties the building to its foundation and adds another natural medium in material use.


Vibrant colour tones applied to the interior and exterior depict the variant hues typical with bushland environs. Feature interior walls of earthen ochres interpret the ever-changing colours of the days and seasons that filter from the outside. The blue wall of the Garage, emulating the blue haze of the Gum trees, creates a canvass backdrop to the entire picture. The selection of muted warm colours, depicting earth and sky, fit well with the tranquil environment.