Heisler Residence


CLIENT BRIEF: Create an English influenced Residence and outbuilding that reflect the demands of a rural setting whilst incorporating the use of natural and recycled materials. A sought of 'House on the Prairie'.

DESIGN RESPONSE: Set the Building atop an appropriate undulation and provide an open-style layout that affords view planes to all desired features whilst ensuring the basic elements are implored to bring client brief to fruition.

SUMMARY: Traditional Conservatory glazing to let in the 'desired' sun, Projecting windows, Dormers, Natural Stonework (inside and out), Exposed Recycled Rough Sawn timbers as well as Corrugated Iron, Quoins to highlight the corners and Gables (lots of Gables) brought together to create an extraordinary structure that fits perfectly with its environment and captures the wishes of its owners.

AN ENVIRONMEMNTALLY SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Apart from the extensive use of exposed recycled timbers through, ceiling linings, flooring, posts, beams, benches and joinery items this project also embraces the incorporation of recycled Doors and Windows, Corrugated Iron sheeting and the use of natural stonework internally and externally. To complete its sustainability; all rainwater is harvested and stored in tanks whilst all sewerage is treated and recycled, appropriately. The concrete floor structure and mass stonework act as heat-banks that derive their heat source direct from the sun, through strategically positioned glazing and/or fireplaces.