Checkley Residence

The home the clients desired was achieved by foot-printing the layout to work with the natural attributes of the site whilst taking in the high importance of the solar path. This led to other important philosophies and became the basis from which the home was designed.

Articulated and angled exterior outline maximises the natural light and winter solar access whilst making the most of the bushland setting. The splitting of Outdoor Living areas allows the owners a choice of desired ambience throughout each day and/or season. The northern Outdoor area linking with the versatile Garage allows for numerous options within the one.

The 'central' northern courtyard defines this residence, with the home being designed to wrap around its core. This would become an aesthetic feature and provides an excellent charisma of natural light throughout the home. Often the outdoor courtyard would not be considered a 'point of egress'; however with the application of this home being holiday orientated consideration was given to the fact that its occupation would be during the summer months and holiday periods. This Courtyard suddenly became the most desirable outdoor living area and a popular 'egress' path. The southern courtyard; 'outdoor living' area is equally important in that it provides respite from the harshness of a hot summers day.

A totally dedicated Parents' Retreat, isolated upstairs, provides an important separation from party-mode kids; and the small home no longer feels too congested.

Strategic day beds to dining and hall enable summer leisure to read and relax whilst providing, a tranquillity unsurpassed.

Powerful colours and a mixture of exterior finishes harmonise the resultant building with its environment and simultaneously gives the home a distinct presence of its own.